Cindy Badder
Show Chair
I live in Mt. Wash. KY right outside of Louisville. I built my first koi pond in 1984, 1200 gallons. My new pond is 3,000 with more filtration. I have 4 koi, 2 were from my trip I won to Japan with Stephen and Mary when this board was new. I have a smaller Wakin pond, a water feature on the driveway and a 1/2 acre fishing pond at the farm.

I completed the KHA course and helped form the KOI group, proud to be in the first group of CKK's. I am the one that checks the tests when you take the 101 course and I maintain the KOI Facebook page. My other hobby is raising honeybees.

My Koiphen username is Cindy
Steve Hodgin
Committee Member
I have been keeping koi for about 9 years in two ponds that are connected seasonally. I've gone through many traditional filter upgrades on my ponds through the years and have always appreciated everyone in the Koiphen community for their help during the journey! I have served as the WWKC President between 2014-2015 and currently I am the WWKC Treasurer, serve on the Board of Directors, and I am one of the Koiphen Administrators.

My Koiphen username is icu2
Rosimeri Tran
Committee Member
I am Rosimeri Tran, and live in Fresno, California. Currently club President of the Central California Koi Society and am now on my 3 term as President. Also have served as Show Chair at our Fresno koi show for many years. I have competed in several koi shows, ZNA Norcal, Bakersfield Koi show, CCKS every year of course since 2008 and just last weekend for the first time in San Diego. My husband build our first pond in 2007 and completed in 2008 where we joined the local koi club to become educated in koi keeping, and we are still getting educated, always learning a never ending pond education. But they say knowledge is power, so the more we learn the better for the koi and the koi keeper. I am also the editor of our koi club's newsletter, and webmaster of the club's website, Our pond is 8,000 gallons and has about 20 koi swimming in it, we also have a side pond about 3000 gallons where we keep the smaller ones in and also the black and white koi in so that we don't accidently feed color enhancer food to the Shiros and Bekko.
I am a certified KHA (Koi Health Advisor) and almost done with the CKK program.
I love koi and love the koi keeping friends I have made along the way, both in person and online, thanks for letting me help out and look forward to communicating with everyone.

My Koiphen username is Showa3164
Richard Steele
Committee Member
I am Richard Steele. Been keeping koi since about 1995 when we started with two little preformed puddles. Showed in Koi America (MAKC show) about 8 or 9 times, Charlotte show once, ZNA Potomac show twice, ZNA near Raleigh NC once and one show in Winston Salem many years ago. I have helped with the online show all but one year, getting the information together to get our original show programmed. We have had two decent koi ponds that were 3500 gallons and 4000 gallons with ample filtration to take care of almost 40 koi, many high quality that went to the shows. I worked with our programmer at the time to set up the judging module to follow the practices of the MAKC, where move-ups created vacancies that had to be filled before further move-ups, so that all awards for varieties and sizes were awarded.

My Koiphen username is RichToyBox
Brady Layman
Committee Member
I am Brady Layman. I have had a pond most of my life, and have enjoyed it every moment. I live in Gresham Oregon and I am on the board for the NWKG club. I also attend koi show planning meetings regularly. I have been showing since I was 13 years old. At 17 years old I have now competed at a total of 8 shows including my first online koi show last year! My favorite things about koi shows is the free flow of knowledge between people. My family has a 5000-gallon formal pond outside and a 3000 gallon heated Intex pool in our garage to house our tosai-sansai in the winter. My favorite koi variety is Asagi. This year I am focusing my studies on Sanke.

My Koiphen username is ski brady
Bill Layman
Committee Member
Bill Layman here. I am Brady's dad and am married to his Mom Lora. We have two huskies to go along with all the koi. I have been keeping water and Koi since the mid 90's. I say keeping water because the water is what keeps our finned friends happy and alive and without good water...well we know how that works out in the long run. Currently we have a 5000gal formal outdoor pond and a 2500gal indoor heated intex pool. My son for some reason has taken a serious liking to the koi..and with him we have learned so much about the quality of them over the last few years.

I am on the board of the ZNA NWKG Club here in Portland, Oregon. One of my varied duties is membership director so you get a shameless plug from me. IF you would like to become a member of our esteemed club, dues are only 20 bucks. And we are a ZNA club as well!! I'm also CKK certified and will more than likely to do the AKCA program once they have a wet lab on the west coast again.

My Koiphen username is Bill_in_PDX
Carol Kotoski
Committee Member
Hi all, I'm Carol and I live on Long Island, NY. I have been into koi for many years. I started off in the 90's with the preform ponds with a few koi. I then left the hobby for a while and returned like gangbusters about 4-5 years ago after moving to a new home. I have 2 ponds (right now). The first was built more for aestetics and is your aquascape-type pond which has 2 waterfalls dropping into 1100 gals. This was the "test pond" to see how many preditors show up. It now serves as a qt and has my first few koi that were picked out by my son. My second pond is a dedicated 4600 gal koi pond built by yours truly. This pond has some better quality koi that i have learned to pick thru the education i received on this forum. I received my CKK from KOI and am currently enrolled on Dr. strange's Bacteriology course and am looking forward to a wet lab come summer. I am koi obsessed and love to learn and love to pass on to others what i have learned.

My Koiphen username is Jojoartie
Sandy Campbell
Committee Member
I dug my first pond 28 years ago, in about 2 hours, by hand, and put a piece of plastic to hold the water. Thank goodness, there weren't any fish because it was dry the next morning! Since then, I've built more than 13 ponds and the filtration to go with them. I honestly don't know if I enjoy building ponds and filtration more than I enjoy the koi.

I love going to koi shows for the fellowship and helping out with the show. Seeing all the koi is great but my koi friends are what gets me to the shows. I've won a few GC Longfin awards with homegrown koi, several Best in Variety/Size and Baby Champion awards.

My current koi pond is an 11,000 gallon gunite pond. I also have a 1200 gallon QT and 1800 gallon goldfish/lily pond.

I've written articles for KoiUSA and was a proofreader for many years. I obtained my KHA certification in 2010 and CKK last year, 2016. I “teach” the Pond Improvement course for CKK. In the past, I wrote the monthly newsletters for my club. I'm currently KPOTY for 2017 and a member of the Koi Health Club.

I spend most of my time online helping others learn to care for their koi and their water.

I belong to the ZNA Carolina Koi club at present.

My Koiphen username is kntry
Charles Chavez
Technical Administrator
I've been on the Koiphen team since 2013 and am responsible for keeping software updated and servers running smooth and fast. As with, any technical questions or issues should be directed towards me.

Charles Koiphen username is Charles
Troy Head, AKJA judge
Koi Judge
Home Club - Greater Louisville Koi & Goldfish Society (Current President) & Northern Midwest ZNA (Current Regional Representative).

Fish Interest - I have personally collected Koi since 1999 and have collected Tropical Fish for over 40 years. My current Koi Pond is 7,800 gals. with several stages of filtering. I also keep several Koi in a 500,000 gal. Mud Pond near my Home during the summer.

Koi Hobby Accomplishments - Have won "Koi Person of the Year' with the GLK&GS. Have been Show Chair for the GLK&GS for the last five years. Was past Newsletter Editor for the GLK&GS for eight years. Have put on Koi Presentations for several Clubs and have written articles for KoiUSA magazine. Have Won ZNA Grand Champion and have Won Grand Champion "B" six times. Also have Won Reserve Grand Champion "B", Young Champion(s) & Baby Champion along with other various Koi Show Awards.

Koi Judging Experience - Have traveled coast to coast Judging Koi. Some Shows include, Potomac ZNA Koi Show, Orlando Koi Show, Atlanta Koi Show, Michigan Koi Show, Chicago Koi Show, Dayton Koi Show, Deep South Koi Show, Central California Koi Show & ZNA NorCal. Koi Show
Jenny Howe
Goldfish Judge
My name is Jenny Howe, and I live in Western Washington state. My first job at 14 was in a pet store, and there I learned about fancy goldfish. As a kid I often went to the koi shows that are part of the Cherry Blossom Festival held in San Francisco, and I fell in love with the form and color of good koi. Throughout my life I`ve had fancy goldfish on a large and small scale, and attended koi and goldfish shows, even showing a few goldfish. I love all the forms goldfish can take, from a really good round ryukin to a classic bright metallic common to a big blunt headed ranchu. I look forward to what everyone has and seeing some exciting fish.

My Koiphen username is Romewhip